The directors/trustees

[Profile of all directors or trustees (photo and short paragraph)]

Aziz Al- Naib
Artist and Ambassador for Peace

Founder and Chairman of “Messengers of HOPE” and Arabian Cultural Club, promoter of multi-cultural understanding, multi media consultant and writer.
Co-founder of Aljamaheer Press and Publishing House in Iraq with Ahmad Fawzi.
One of the publishers and designers of Al-Yaum Newsletter in the UK.
Member of the Iraqi Journalist Union, the Iraqi Arts Society,
the Iraqi Calligraphy Union, the Iraqi Artist Union
Co-founder of the Gallery 4 in Baghdad and London UK.
Co-founder and committee member of the Iraqi Arts Society in the UK.
Committee member of the Arab Cultural Forum in the UK.

Mr Al-Naib, founder of Messengers of Hope International Ltd, has been a committee member of the Arab Cultural Society in London for seven years. The Society was established to teach Arabic, art and calligraphy to children.

The Arab Cultural Society started in Iraq in 2003 and established Culture for All, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which is helping the community in Baghdad to gain computer skills and is training women in sewing skills to help them become self-sufficient. Recently, Culture for All set up five Citizen’s Advice Bureaux with the help of the United Nations and other international bodies.


Possible partnerships
The Children’s Skills Academy project has many components (Education and Training, Health Clinic, Accommodation, Catering). We are actively seeking partners to help meet these various needs.