To build the first academy and facilities in Baghdad to rehabilitate, educate and provide skills training for displaced children. In the short term, to rent existing premises to begin the academy.

To provide food and accommodation for homeless children as well as staff.

To recruit and train teachers and other staff.

To establish a clinic to provide basic health care.

To maintain a permanent group of 1000 children on each course.

To provide a friendly and encouraging environment that will generate a sense of wellbeing, helping children learn effectively and be motivated to acquire skills to become productive and self-sufficient.

To nurture young people’s leadership skills through training and skills development.

To raise money for, and awareness of, the Children’s Skills Academy project
To seek and work with other organisations that share our aims.

Charitable Objects

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Project Timescale

Mr Al-Naib is familiar with the situation in Baghdad from his last visit of three months, which was four years ago after 25 years of exile. It will be necessary to return to Baghdad soon to evaluate the possibilities for obtaining suitable premises. All possibilities will be investigated, from rental of a house to the purchase of an existing but disused school or other suitable facility. The clear preference would be to obtain land in a safe area upon which a purpose-built model village could be constructed in stages and start to be used immediately.

Personnel: teachers, manager, other staff
With regard to a manager for the project, there are currently ten trustworthy candidates. Mr Al-Naib will spend most of his time at the beginning of the project to make sure that everything is set up smoothly. He will introduce potential managers to the proposed project and speak to the right officials in the Iraqi Government to get their support.
It will not be a problem to recruit qualified schoolteachers and occupational trainers as well as provide teaching online by the Internet and Satellite.

We would like to start the project as soon as possible. If we can educate the children in the Middle East we can make a safer world for everyone.

مع كل الحب والتقدير من عزيز النائب ومنظمة رسل الامل التي تدعو للحب والسلام ورعاية الطفولة في العالم العربي
وتدعو للفرح والسعادة وتحقيق الامال الايجابية وحب الخير


The Children’s Skills Academy Project aims to:

Build a secure model village that will be a Children’s Skills Academy, including accommodation, catering, training and a health clinic for displaced children aged 12-18.
Improve literacy, education and wellbeing of children aged 12-18 who are displaced in Iraq;
Reduce the stress experienced by displaced children and provide immediate relief from their inner suffering;
Increase opportunities for displaced children, no matter what their background and without prejudice or preference;
Build links with other educational programmes whether they are in the United Nations or in individual countries;
Contribute a powerful influence for peace through education of large groups of children;
Develop children’s natural abilities, particularly leadership qualities;
Reduce the likelihood of future wars and conflict in the Middle East region.