Messengers of Hope International is a non governmental organisation (NGO), passionate about establishing love and peace in Iraq and promoting multi-cultural understanding in the UK.

Messengers of Hope International was established in 2011.

Its first project is the Children’s Skills Academy in Baghdad.


[NB include in this section photos of how the displaced children and families are living now. This will be good to compare with later pictures in order to demonstrate the difference you have made (Outcomes!) to funders etc]

In Iraq today there are 2.3 million people who are displaced from their homes. 65% of these are children and many are orphans. They live outside cities, primarily outside Baghdad, the capital. Some of them do not have any shelter and are in desperate need of medicine, food, water and heating.
Violence and hostility continue in the country and prevent people from returning to their homelands. The war has had a devastating effect on the spirit and morale of the people.

The children who are displaced and orphaned are the focus of our Children’s Skills Academy project. They have no-one to care for them and no education.

Renting a property in Baghdad initially would be inexpensive, low risk, and would allow us to start without delay. However, we envisage eventually having our own secure model village designed and constructed for the purpose. We have great architectural contacts who are keen to help.

Through the Children’s Skills Academy Project, we shall support children between 12 and 18 years of age to give them the possibility of a normal human life through skills education and learning English. Some of the children are orphaned; almost all of them will have been traumatized. Only our resources will limit the number of children we provide for.

Our aim is to maintain a permanent group of 1,000 children on each course and develop branches all over the country; through these children we hope to establish a fully functioning and peaceful society.